Sinopsis Novel – The Law of Gravity

The Law of Gravity Synopsis

            The Law of Gravity, “If what goes up must come down” had become the main idea of Margot Green, a fifth grader elementary student in New York City summer project. It began when Margot was given a summer project task by Mrs. Eldridge, Margot home-room teacher in the end of school semester (summer). Mrs. Eldridge told the students to study people, but it’s alright to study anything else.

Margot was expecting boring about this summer, her friend Julie and Esther already had plan about this summer project. Esther would spend all of her summer in the beach to collect seashells for her project and Julie would go for camping all of her summer too, but Margot had nothing to do, the only thing she will do is stay in her apartment with her mother all of her time in summer. It would be very boring because her mother never go downstairs and always in her rooms. Margot’s Father is a Flutist, he rarely in his apartment because he was very busy about his tour concert. Sometime Margot asked her father to join the tour but her father never let her join his tour because he would very busy and cannot watch after her.

Some people think if lived in New York City, it would be lived in an elevator apartment, but Margot lived in walk-up apartment. Her parent moved to that apartment when she was 2 years old, so she can’t remember anything about her past. Margot’s mother is kind of fat, it is made she must take a breath to walk-up the stairs. Since that, Margot’s Mother never comes down from her apartment.  Her father always takes the mother job like bought the groceries, go to spring ceremony in the school, etc. But those two (Father and Margot) never complained about that.

As she expected, her summer was so boring. But one day, she decided to go to city library for inspirations on her summer project. In Library she met with Bernie Bernazzoli, son of library owner and also a sixth grader on Margot School. Since that meeting Margot and Bernie became a friend. Bernie was a person that knew New York City more than anyone else, he always take Margot to a places that she never knew before. Bernie also thought Margot many things like playing chess, playing backgammon, and ridding bicycle. When Margot learned how to ride a bicycle Bernie also thought the law of gravity “if what goes up must come down”. That word always stuck in Margot head, that law was contradicting with her mother. Once her mother goes up the apartment, but she never come downstairs for a long time (it already nine years).  And then she decided to used that to be her summer project, the project was how to make Margot’s Mother come downstairs.

Margot and Bernie tried so many ways to get Margot’s Mother come downstairs. First was Margot tried to convince her mother to continue her mother career as an opera singer, but it failed because her mother more likely to chose to take care of her child than become an opera singer. Second was force her mother to have a diet. Her mother is so fat and maybe because of that she was too shy to go downstairs, it also failed because it so cruel to forced her mother not to eats. Third was forced her mother to have a baby, but it also failed because Margot herself didn’t like to have a baby sister or baby brother. In the end Margot almost give up of this business, all of her plan was failed to take her mother downstairs. The last way was to make her mother worry and come downstairs by flee from the apartment. Margot set all of her plan by not telling Bernie, her plan was to stay one night in library without telling anyone (of course her mother too).

Her plan was successful, Bernie found her in library in the night because he was phoned by Margot’s mother that Margot had not come back yet. Bernie was angry because it was not the right way to make her mother to go downstairs, it would hurt Margot’s Mother feeling. And then Margot saw her Mother with police in front of library. Margot doesn’t happy about finally her mother go downstairs, but she felt sad because she knew she was wrong.

After the scene in library, Margot and her mother had a fight in the apartment. Margot said why her mother can’t be a normal mother. While her mother said sorry because she just can’t to go downstairs, she said she just afraid to saw the people in the streets. Margot also said sorry to her mother because of made worry her. The two of them seems understand each other, Margot decided to not interrupted again about her mother business, it would be her own to decided to go downstairs. In the end, Margot didn’t write this project even this project was successful. She decided to hide it, and went with other project.


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