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Shane Filan  (Westlife) 



Shane Steven Filan is  member of boy band from Ireland, westlife. Filan is the one of 4 member of westlife that left, with Nicky Byrne, Kian egan , and Markus Feehily. 

Filan was born on 5 July 1979 to Peter and Mae Filan, and grew up in Sligo, a busy commercial town in the northwest of Ireland. As The youngest of seven children, he has three brothers and three sisters: Finbarr, Peter Jr, Yvonne, Liam, Denise and Mairead. His parents owned a diner in Sligo named Carlton Caf’e located on Castle Street and Shane used to work there as a waiter from a very early age.

Filan attended Summerhill College,  a Catholic school, with Kian Egan and Mark Feehily. All three of them participated in a school production of Grease when they were about 12. The Hawkswell Theatre became a significant part of their careers. Filan was a fan of Michael Jackson as a child, and claimed the singer inspired him to pursue a career in music.

Before Westlife, Egan and Feehily were with Filan in a band known as I.O.U. with other Sligonians Derrick Lacey, Graham Keighron and Michael “Miggles” Garrett. He partly wrote the IOYOU’s song Together Girl Forever.. 3 of them were dropped and the other 3, Shane, Kian and Mark, joined ventures to finding 2 more slots for the band. Then they were joined by Nicky Byrne and Brian McFadden to form Westside. The name of the band then changed to Westlife as there were already a number of bands with the name Westside.

Filan, along with Mark Feehily, is the main lead singer (first voice) in Westlife. Their first album was released in November, 1999, titled Westlife. With Westlife, Filan has received twenty-eight platinum discs and sold 40 million records worldwide

In almost every single of westlife. Shane act as the vocalist. Shane’s voice which is very gentle and firm is liked by many of his fans. The songs that shane brought have a characteristic many of word that soothe, firm, and tell us about an expression of a man’s promise to his partner

Filan married his childhood sweetheart, Gillian on 28 December 2003 at Ballintubber Abbey, followed by a reception at Ashford Castle, Ireland. Gillian gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Nicole Rose, at Sligo General Hospital on 23 July 2005. Their second child, a son, Patrick Michael, was born at Sligo General Hospital on 15 September 2008. And Shane announced that he and Gillian were having their third child. Shane Peter, , was born  on 22 January 2010

Shane likes to play golf in his spare time, but loves horses much more. He and his family own more than 70 of them, and used to compete at horse tournaments. All of Shane’s horses are named Carlton something (e.g. Carlton Flight, Carlton Clover). He also A massive Manchester United fan, Filan and bandmate Nicky Byrne proudly wore their Man Utd scarves as they were half time guests at Old Trafford for the game between United and Bolton Wanderers.



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